Monica Bonvicini von links nach rechts: from the series Bedtimesquare (#24), 1999; NOT FOR YOU, 2006; Pavillon, 2002


Sammlung Hoffmann is a private collection of contemporary art in all media. The collection is on display in Erika Hoffmann’s living and work spaces, which have been open to the public since 1997, upon appointment.


Visitors are invited to join guided tours on Saturdays, in groups of up to ten. For approximately 90 minutes, a guide will serve as a moderator of sorts, hoping to spark conversation rather than simply presenting facts or accepted art-historical truths. Because a single visit could only provide an overview of the current selection, the guides decide which rooms to enter—based on their guests’ interests.

The selection of works is installed in an associative manner. It is meant to offer a personal encounter with art that may impart a more lasting impression in this private setting than it would leave in, say, a museum. There are no wall texts or captions that provide the artist’s name, the work’s title, or its year of production. The idea is to allow visitors a more immediate and emotional access to the works, while our guides can provide additional information.


Erika Hoffmann updates the selection of works and rearranges the installation every July. Some pieces return to storage, others are moved to new locations. Works from storage often end up next to recent acquisitions. In this, Erika Hoffmann creates new relationships, explores the strengths of works in unexpected contexts, and sets out to uncover additional meanings.


Mark Giannori, Thomas Grötz, Hannah Hallermann, Stef Heidhues, Leon Manoloudakis, Valeria Sanguini, Olivia W. Seiling, Katja Szymczak, Tullia Tarsia in Curia, Peer Golo Willi, Norbert Witzgall